Why Vacations are Important

This blog is being built with in intention on showing all the hard working families and people out there that vacations are necessary.

Vacations don’t have to be filled with luxurious things and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

As a matter of a fact, often times you can find vacation homes nearby your home that will give you just enough of a getaway to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your own home.

Sandra and I frequently take advantage of local villas and beds and breakfast in our area.

When we feel like getting away, we sometimes will call our local parks and even rent cabins even in the dead of winter.

The state cabin rentals are our cheapest and sometimes most treasured vacations.

They come with little to nothing.  A bed, a kitchen and a shower.

Sometimes nothing is what you need to get away to refresh your mind and reconnect with loved ones.

Taking your kids to a super awesome resort is fun, but often you find that you spend more time alone while they play with other kids.

If you’re looking for family vacations that are of the more intimate variety a cabin or villa rental is the way to go.

So why do you need to go on vacation?

Sometimes you just need to unplug from daily life and get reminded of humanity.

We often get so busy working in our lives that we forget to touch base with our loved ones.

For that matter, sometimes we even neglect take advantage of human touch.

Hugs, holding hands and high fives all matter and help enlighten our human spirit.

The technological age has made it too easy for us to leave this by the wayside as we become more and more reliant on facebook and texting one another.

When taking a vacation that has more intimate romantic or family moments, keep it simple and go to places that have one or two activities…not a thousand.

If you have smaller kids, the simpler the better.

Too much stimulation can be more work than rest and we want you to enjoy your vacay!

So what are some great ideas for vacationing that offer a more intimate appeal?

  1. The woods.
  2. Woodland Resorts
  3. Boating houses
  4. Ski Resorts (the smaller ones like Snow Show in West Virgina)
  5. Rock Climbing Adventures
  6. Spa retreats (This is more for the romantic vacations out there)
  7. Bed and Breakfast in small to midsize towns like Franklin Tennesse

Most of the ideas revolve around getting back into nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

Hiking is a great exercise that allows you to see the natural beauty of the world and get close to your hiking partners while trekking around.

Rock Climbing is one of those types of activities you either lover or hate but it 100% relies on verbal communications with one another and allows you to see one another’s weakness and strength’s (and appreciate them) all in one day.

We hope these ideas help!

We’ll write more next time about how to find a vacation rental home.


IN the meantime, you can share this little packing tip with your kids!

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