Visiting Hershey Park Via Hershey Hotel

If you want a unique way to learn about the history of Hershey, PA and visit Hershey Park, staying at the Hershey Hotel may not be a bad idea.

However, be forewarned that the Hershey hotel is a much older building and their accommodations will clearly exhibit this.

When we stayed at the Hershey Hotel this past summer, it was pretty full of people and there are a few things that stood out to us about this unique hotel that we want to make sure we share with you here.

First of all, we were there for a conference.

The place is huge so for a conference it is quit nice.

There is a restaurant and a bar that everyone kind of congregates to at night so you and all of your conference going friends can hang out together in one spot and not have to worry much about who will drive you home. (although you may need a designated walker to help you to your room)

The hotel is HUGE and OLD.


One of our main issues with this hotel is that the accommodations reminds us a bit of a really bad Holiday Inn we stayed at once.   Age shows in a hotel like this for a couple reasons.

How to know the hotel you are staying at is old:

  1. Most older hotels have DARK decorations and flooring.
    1. We hate this sort of thing because when we pay money for a “nice” place, we don’t want to wonder how many things have happened on the old carpet or bedding.
    2. The Smell. Yeah..I know this is a weird one, but there is a significantly old musty smell in older hotels and the Hotel Hershey has to be one of the most prominent smelly places we’ve ever been to.  If you have asthma or allergies, this is something that really concerns you.  How many old skin cells and mold spores are you inhaling when you sleep in this place?
    3. Unsteady Walking – The hotel has some additions to it and where the new additions are, there are differences in the flooring levels.  If you’re not careful, you can lose your footing and plummet down in front of people.  One of the inconvenient level changes occurs near the bar.
    4. It’s like a long ranch house.  You better know where your room is or you can get lost.
    5. You can’t just walk out of your hotel to see the attractions like you can in Vegas or if you’re visiting a city like Philly, Houston or Pittsburgh. You’re in the middle of a field.

Things that we liked about the Hotel Hershey:

  1. It’s close to Hershey Park
  2. It’s secluded.
  3. There is plenty of parking and exits.
  4. There is a restaurant and bar in the hotel so you don’t have to go anywhere which is good because there is nothing super close by anyways.
  5. The rooms are a nice size.
  6. The staff is very professional and nice.
  7. The Conference rooms are big and airy and have good lighting.

We wish we could say more about Hotel Hershey but we feel that a conference session is about all this place is good for and even then we second guess if we would stay here because we were so turned off by the dark decor and the musty smell.

If we pay over a $100 for a room, we want modern, light airy and fresh.  That’s just our opinion.  We were able to meet a lot of people in one spot that loved the place though.

****NOTE: We were here during the  late Fall when the colors were drab and gray and we weren’t not able to see the outdoor accommodations like the pool and deck.***

The whole trips was not a bust though. We met some cool people.

For instance, Sherry, who is a TruVision Rep was thrilled because she could sit around telling everyong about the Truvision Health Opportunity and I do believe she got a few prospects from it.  Good for her!

We were able to talk to some people about our idea for this blog and we were happy to make some new friends.  So meeting people and conferences, we do recommend the Hotel Hershey.  For a romantic night though?  Not so much.

If you like old and eclectic, it could be for you.

Tell us what you think!


-Village Guru

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