The Happy Acres Resort

One our most favorite places to go is where we can take our furry pets with us and have access to simple things like the woods and ice cream. Yum.

About two years ago we found the Happy Acres Resort that has cabin rentals that you can take your pets in too.

This is our review of Happy Acres Resorts so you can decide if it’s the place you want to take your family too!

Upon arriving at the resort (after a good drive in the woods), you will go up a hill and past a nice sized swimming pool that is separated from the majority of the camping and cabin area in PA so that you can relax and not listen to all the crazy happenings that go on at pools during the summer.

The pool is private so only the Happy Acres Resort Guests can swim there so it is usually very peaceful.

The pool is a great alternative to the nearby lake or the crystal clear fishing streams.

We rented the Humming Bird Cabin our first time there with just one baby.  The shower and bath were extremely tiny but the cabin was nice enough and we were able to take our dogs.

Do not expect the most clean environment at a resort like this. You have to be knowledgeable of how typical cabins are so you know what to expect.

This is not meant for ritzy diamonds and fancy dresses.  This is a cabin in some of the most beautiful old age woods you can find.

You can expect some dirt (from your shoes…) some dust, maybe a cobweb or two.  You bring your own sheets but they have the dishes and pans.

The pans are camp pans and the silverware doesn’t match itself but it is functional and it’s just what you need.

The real beauty in a place like Happy Acres is the view.

One night while sitting by the campfire, a BLACK bear walk right by us.

So if you’re into wild life, THIS is the place to go.

I was scared and Sandy almost peed her pants, but we now have a story for the rest of our lives to remember and we wouldn’t change it.

When we told the office of the bear the next day, the women’s eyes behind the desk twinkled and she simply said: “Oh you are so lucky, aren’t they just beautiful?”  And just like that, we knew that the bear is always nearby and we were lucky to be amongst the smaller group of cabin renters and campers that go to witness their majestic presence wild and free in the world.

The Happy Acres Resort has a lot of shaded trails and plenty of firewood.  There is a small area where you can do laundry or you can use the computers but it’s not to be relied on because sometimes there are a lot of people there.

One of the col cabins they have is called a YURT and we have yet to rent it but everyone we talk to loves it.

Down the way across form the resort there is a nice hometown country store with hand scooped icecream and a smaller “hole in the wall” type restaurant if you need a break from camp food.

The Resort also has a nice playground for the kids and there is a huge old fashioned metal slide that you rarely see any more these days.  It definitely brings back memories.

Overall we say the Happy Acres Resort is a great place to go on a camping vacation if you happen to be in North Central PA especially if you have dogs.

This place is very dog friendly and we are happy for our fuzzy creatures because otherwise we would have never found this great little place hidden in the woods.

If you go, we know you’ll love it (as long as this type of “roughing it” is your thing).




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