Lake Erie and Presque Isle Rental Homes

Going to Erie, PA or any town around Lake Erie, you will find a few rental homes that are very close to the Lake.

Our plan is to get you a list of these great places to rent from in the near future.

For now, our plan is to offer you guidance on what to look for in Lake Erie and some of the highlights of your trip there.

The first thing you should be aware of is that Lake Erie is not a recommended spot to go to during the early Spring or the Late Fall or winter unless you are someone who really enjoys nature. 

In the Early Spring, the beaches on Presque Isle are cluttered with the debris from winter and often times you will run into large fish kill areas.  It is most certainly a sight to behold and if you have never seen Erie anytime other than Summer, it is surprising to say the least.

During the summer, there is an amusement park nearby and a great little ice cream shop.

Presque Isle has over 11 miles of trails an asphalt walk/run trial for you to challenge yourself with.

The speed limit on the Isle if limited so that bikers can enjoy leisurely rides without being harassed by cars that go too fast.

The wetland areas throughout Presque Isle offer a variety of wildlife to view from Beavers, ducks, geese and more.  Perhaps one of the more impressive things to see at Presque Isle is found during the Late Summer.  Presque Isle is a stopping point for migrating animals and that includes butterflies and a slew of other insects.

If you are photographer, Presque Isle in Late summer is by far a playground of visual delights for you between the migrating birds and insects and the natural wildlife there.

In addition to the “normal” animals you expect, you will be surprised to know that there are coyotes on Presque Isle as well.

Lots of fishing will be found in and around the Isle and there is a nice area of house boats towards the end of the Isle that you can view.

Presque Isle is an extremely easy place to go if you are looking for an easy hiking vacation.

Did you know that over 4 million people visit this place per year?

Erie, PA is a city that is larger in population than PA’s state capital.  It’s impressive and comes with some unique history.

With stories of Commodere Perry from the War of 1812, to the Battle of Lake Erie and stories of the ghosts from 1813, Lake Erie is a unique northern area to visit where you can hike on a beach near a large body of water, cruise wetlands AND hike in wood in the very same day.

The city of Erie is rather large and we do recommend staying outside of the city during your visit for accommodations. Small towns nearby like Girard, Fairview and Lake City are the preferred areas to rent a villa in the Lake Erie region.  Some house will even have beach front property so you can enjoy quiet walks at night and beach campfires.

If you enjoy the city life, there is a very happening bar scene and crows on Peach Street and Downtown Erie.  You will find people cruising the Observation Peer and walking around to a dockside bar called Rum Runners that is filled with locals and visitors.

Colleges nearby give the city a more youthful vibe and there are bars for all variety of people.  From punk, ska, country to gay bars…you name it and Erie has it.   The streets are busy at night during the time when colleges are in session from Geneva, Mercyhurst and Penn State Erie.

Erie itself has an interesting story behind who build their mall which was made (they say) to look like a revolver that is pointed to the core of the city and is located on Upper Peach Street.

If you are looking for fancier restaurants, Upper Peach Street is a good place to go to have a large variety of options.  In addition, if you find yourself wanting more excitement, you can always check into Splash Mountain which is the areas largest indoor water park.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Erie!

Stay tuned for some hook up to rental homes there as we build our new blog!


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