This is our about page for villagerentalbyowner.com. We are building this site to explore the world of blogging and hopefully get more in tune with How to Rent Villas and Cabins throughout the world.

We have a goal to visit many countries with our two beautiful girls and decided we would try to document our process by researching vacation areas and writing small reviews on them before and after we visit.

We both Sandra and Dusty, have lived in various places in our lives and will start with the ones we are most familiar with.  We’ll throw in some of our international travels too but mainly will keep our eyes on the US for the opportunities that we think are best for growing families like us.

We will review the places we’ve been first and start to do research on the places we want to try out next.

Ideally, our blog will help us accomplish the goal of working from home and traveling with our kids. We realize it won’t happen overnight but we are exicited for the chance and the opportunity.


Welcome to our blog!  We are excited you are on our journey with us!

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